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High Performer ATF Dexron II+III G

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Castrol EDGE 0W-30 Longlife 2 - Ideal for vehicles where Castrol EDGE 5W-30 should not be used!

Castrol in partnership with VW / Audi has developed a new, fuel-efficient high-performance engine oil with HC synthesis components. Meets the new Long Life concept to extend the maintenance intervals, in particular the high requirements of R5 and V10 Tdi jet-pump engines.

Castrol Longlife II is specially designed for the modern long-life engines and represents a new generation of oil based on modern technology, with cutting-edge economic and ecological features.
The best recommendation for all VW engines, for which the manufacturer demands exclusively motor oil with the quality  VW 503 00, 506 00 or 506 01.


  • Combined product with approved unit injectors for extended service intervals within the VW / Audi Longlife - concept.
  • Long Life - Technology for use in all gasoline and diesel engines with or without pump nozzle.
  • Lowered viscosity at high temperatures for persistently high fuel economy under all driving conditions.
  • More safety due to continuing high protection of the engine within extended maintenance intervals.
  • Excellent product stability for consistently high performance over a long straining period.
  • New diesel - Technology for the increased requirements of the DI - Diesel engines.
  • A benefit for the environment through lower emissions due to fuel economy technology.


  • VW 503.00/506.01
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